Modification for Italian Army Icons for CM:Fortress Italy/Gustav Line by Tempestzzzz

This is a modification of floating icons using Royal Italian Army map symbols. Nearly Everyone either fudges it with NATO/Wehrmacht or small pictures. The real deal-Royal Italian Army Tactical Map Symbols! I should add we (CMFDR and myself) had quite a few historical resources to draw on-but every icon used  won’t be present since there are some units not in the Royal Italian Army depicted in FI/Gustav Line time period (i.e. SNIPERS and ANTITANK infantry units [like Bazooka and Panzershreck]. Certainly no Heavy or Medium Tanks.

Enclosed in the ZIP

1) Italian Icons

Enclosed are 3 different and Regular Unit Icons. 2 files are for RED Forces one is for BLUE Forces.

2) Italian HQ Icons

Enclosed are 3 different HQ Unit Icons if you want an authentic Royal Italian Army markings for your HQ units. (You need to mod tag HQ Unit Icons )

 Also enclosed in the ZIP is a PDF key showing screen-captures of symbols we found and used in game and 2 readmes in English and French.


Icon of Royal Italian Army (RITA) Icons TITLE - Royal Italian Army (RITA) Icons

FILE SIZE - 965.7 KiB


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  1. Great work Tempestzzz! One never have too much authenticity.

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