Aris Terrain Texture Compilation CMBN V1.4 by Aristoteles


All my previous terrain textures (migrated from both CMMODs v2 and the Repository) for CMBN.

-All terrain tiles now are fully photoreal.
-Optional Gridded and HD grass.
-Alpha clouds
-Foxhole, craters, trenches, etc
-Photoreal Walls
-Doodads, trees, bocage and bush.
-Some extras,…


Icon of Aris Terrain Texture Compilation CMBN  V1.4 TITLE - Aris Terrain Texture Compilation CMBN V1.4

FILE SIZE - 484.9 KiB


10 Comments on "Aris Terrain Texture Compilation CMBN V1.4 by Aristoteles"

  1. GreenasJade… you can FTP this file to your server and then run the link from there.

  2. Jordan Trais | 8th January 2016 at 05:40 | Reply

    Looks like the link is dead… any alts?

  3. I have tried many many times to upload the whole .zip (this and the CMRT Terrain Pack). The site always returns an error, even when dividing in two , three or four parts. Feel free to upload it yourselves to CMMODS, maybe you will be luckier than me.

  4. Ok, I’ll give it a shot… your dropbox is working again so re-downloaded it from there. Thanks.

  5. Hi,

    Perhaps what would work is a torrent tracker?
    Where all mods are uploaded (big ones) so that the whole community can help out with the bandwidth?

    And the links in the dl file points to the magnet link or such?

    Just an idea 🙂

    Regards OldGoat

    • Hrm,

      Sry.. I forgot to say that I meant a private torrent tracker where community members helps out..
      Where only mods is linked to, and no illegal stuff.

      Regards OldGoat

      • The real answer is for me to solve the problem of why can’t we upload big files here.

        I’m really sorry I haven’t been in a position to tackle this problem all this time – keep nagging, I’ll get there.

  6. I really didn’t want to complain about the great work you guys put in to these sites!
    I know how much time you must dedicate to keep this running.

    So my suggestion was only an idea to attack the challenges with big files and php memory handling.
    And torrents are much more fragile way to handle downloads that have more moving parts to.

    So again. No means to complain, you are doing a great thing for the community here!

    Regards OldGoat

  7. Andres Vialpando | 20th April 2016 at 23:57 | Reply

    Please fix or do somfink!!!

  8. Sorry for the noob question.

    Should the full folder ( including options ) go in the ” Z ” folder?

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