Juju’s Blitz UI

Juju’s ‘Blitz UI’ Interface Mod v1

– A brand new UI for CM:FB. The included previews illustrate full details more efficiently than words can.

WHAT’S NEW (in my series of UI’s, that is):
– This mod (re)introduces a number of optional camouflage backgrounds.
– Unique ‘winter’ unit portraits that automatically show up in scenarios where ground condition is set to snow.
– All new vehicle ‘silhouette’ icons.
– Many new weapon slot and special equipment icons.

Update: fixed double Real time Go button.

Icon of Juju's Blitz UI TITLE - Juju's Blitz UI



11 Comments on "Juju’s Blitz UI"


  2. Big thank you for this

  3. Excellent work as always Juju. I stand behind my comment that BF should contract you out for “future” releases! 🙂

  4. Real time players: The unfortunate ‘double Go button’ bug will be fixed tomorrow! Sorry about that!

  5. FYI: the ‘double Go button’ has been fixed.
    You can download the single default panel file halfway down this page:


    For one of the ten options containing that file you’re just going to have to download the whole mod again, I’m afraid.

  6. As allways, a must have mod, congratulations.

  7. I’m on an iMac– is this not compatible? Where do I place this mod? Open Content– Z Folder? Many thanks! looks amazing.

  8. Juju, thanks for this! As always fantastic work.

  9. Many thanks, this is great!

  10. Hey, I love your UI but I can’t get mah pac-man loading bar to work. I replaced the scenario and action loading bars with the optional one but it still shows up as the army circle star.

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