CMRT Winter Mod Terrain Pack 1 of 3 by Kohlenklau

I think we have a long wait til BFC gets us the official winter module to CMRT so I decided to do this mod.

It is not perfect so just either accept that or back away and wait til 2017 for the module. Fair enough?

I hope you can have some fun with it.

First of all, it is modtagged as [snow] so it can go in your CMRT Mods folder and *should* live there in peace with everybody else and only is seen when you want it to be seen.

We stayed with the [snow] modtag because it was already named like that for hundredes of files. Saved us time.

The snow modtag is included and you should throw it in your scenario folder and import it in the editor into maps to initially winterize them before you do tweaks.

I borrowed some terrain files from CMFI GL to get us snow in Russia.

BarbaricCo made a bunch more that were needed in CMRT but were not available in CMFI GL. Like that Russian stick fence. Thanks Stjepan!

A few more might trickle in…we will get them out as best we can.

I am continuing to play with them to get the best possible look on the map.

Some terrain elements do not carry over well to the snow mode.

Like flowers for example. So? Don’t make a map and put flowers on it for CMRT Winter Mod!

Weeds also and several other tiles.


Get in the map editor and experiment to make a winter map or take an older existing map and import the snow.txt mod tag file and then save or resave under a new name.

City Battle can be renamed City Battle Snow for example. Check it out in 3D preview and see what to change.

It may sound odd but I currently advise to make most of your winter map with dirt tiles!

They look like a nice blanket of smooth snow in the Winter Mod.

Then drop in “Grass TY” at various spots. This Grass TY does look slightly frosted and dead.

Some grasses look too green and non-wintery. Just edit the map to make it look sweet!

Some of the trees do NOT look good in winter mode. Play around and see what looks best.


Set the ground to muddy to try and have some bogging to simulate snowy conditions.

Set sky as overcast I suppose. Or maybe light fog. Experiment! Set temp as cold. If you set it as frozen then I think the mud freezes solid and negates any chance at bogging. Not sure yet!

You can’t change the battle date but it doesn’t show on screen really to spoil the mood. Right?

BUILDINGS/VEHICLES/TROOPS/OTHER STUFF will be in other packs due to size.

Heads up! Some of them will be modtagged with a 2nd term and the download should come with a new modtag file [snow telo] to import to maps to get snow terrain and Soviet Telogreika uniforms for example. Got it?

Have fun and post some screenshots if you make a new map and have a snow battle!

Let me know any issues or feedback…we have “CMRT Winter Mod” threads at FGM and at BFC. Or PM me.

Thanks for downloading.


(kohlenklau 12.14.15)

Icon of Winter Mod Terrain 1 TITLE - Winter Mod Terrain 1

FILE SIZE - 42.4 MiB


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  1. This is SPECTACULAR!

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