Aris CMRT Terrain Texture Compilation v1.3 by Aristoteles

This Mod is a compilation of my previous Terrain Mod for CMRT with some enhancements, optional textures and minor changes. It also includes some other extras and previously released textures so that everything blends, hopefully, in a coherent appropiate way.

It includes:

-New photoreal textures for ALL terrain tiles (many have been modified in brightness and contasrt in this version).
-Various color options for HD grass (including grid)
-Defensive works
-Optional textures for sand, craters, foxholes, rubble, sandbags, etc.


Unzip “Aris CMRT Terrain Compilation v 1.3” to Z folder in your “Data” folder. Afterwards, check for the “options” folder and add or overwrite as you please.

THIS IS version 1.3. Released for the first time on



Icon of Aris CMRT Terrain Texture Compilation TITLE - Aris CMRT Terrain Texture Compilation

FILE SIZE - 361.8 KiB


Icon of Aris CMRT Terrain Texture Compilation TITLE - Aris CMRT Terrain Texture Compilation

FILE SIZE - 382.7 MiB


6 Comments on "Aris CMRT Terrain Texture Compilation v1.3 by Aristoteles"

  1. Can this be used for FB on the maps without snow?

  2. I haven´t tested it myself. Many of the CFMB textures are [snow] or [cold] tagged, so this mod would not affect them, as for the rest, yes, it will work, but take into account CMFB is a “winter” title, whereas CMRT textures are supposed to depict terrain in a June-September period in Russia. Ploughed fields or some other textures might be a little “too dry too green” perhaps…But testing if it works it´s as easy as dropping it into Z and running the game 😉

  3. Aristoteles | 21st May 2016 at 09:54 | Reply

    Please admin, can you remove the first link? I managed to upload the whole file eventually. Thanks.

  4. Andrew Sweeting | 18th June 2016 at 11:44 | Reply

    I’m having trouble with this file. When I try to open the zip file, I keep getting an error message, any thoughts ?

  5. this is not showing file etc…just a download link???

  6. Aristoteles | 25th June 2016 at 09:10 | Reply

    Andrew, try to download it again, it may be a corrupt download.

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