CMBS: “EFVC” Stryker Pack by Oleksandr

This mod will provide you with all of the Stryker vehicles being reworked.

First and foremost I’ve used my EFVC (Eastern Front Vehicle Camouflage) pattern to fit these vehicles into Eastern European theatre.

I came out with this camouflage pattern while playing the game and thinking about how would vehicles assigned to missions in Ukraine/Russia/Belarus would need to look like to fit those areas.

As I mentioned in my previous “EFVC” vehicles mods this camouflage consists of several camouflages mixed together.

Most of the textures were reworked, I even added a map of Shirokino (place near city of Mariupol Ukraine) into command vehicle.

All vehicles are covered with dust, dirt and mud.

Colors of those details (dust, dirt and mud) are represented in Ukrainian steppes, Belorusian forests, and russian offroad terrains.

I’ve tried to fit these vehicles into most of the maps what are avaliable in original game and in battlepack 1 (so they might work good for your missions even if you don’t have battlepack installed).

For better experience I strongly suggest you to use this mod along with following mods:

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CMBS: 2nd Marine Division “The Silent Second” By Oleksandr


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All of those mods will let you operate with US Forces what are in my opinion would better fit into Eastern European theatre.

I hope you will enjoy this (and other mods of mine) and good luck to you in your battles gentlemen!

In case if you are interested in knowing more about my mods please visit my battlefront forum page by following this link:

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