New Music Pack 1 by Justin

Tired of the same old music in CMBN?  So am I.  To rectify that, I’ve composed and recorded new music for your enjoyment.

Instructions:  Unzip ‘music’ and place folder in your ‘Z’ folder.  Disable existing music mods (if any are present) and enjoy

Notes:  these pieces are in the mid 20th century milieu in regards to stylistic considerations.  Think Copland, Messiaen and 12 Tone Serialism.

3 Comments on "New Music Pack 1 by Justin"

  1. AAARGH! Didn’t upload the actual files for distribution. Feel free to delete this post while i review Booties’s ‘Instruction’ vids. Sorry about the mess.

  2. Mannaged to upload it yet? Am interested to check it out – currently I just put the annoying ingame music to off.

  3. Sorry gang. Dashboard has got me bamboozled. It shows that I’ve attached it, but no download button is showing in the preview. I’ve watched the ‘how to’ video several times and have a limited tolerance for computer & tech SNAFU’s. If you like, I can upload it to Drop Box and post a link…

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