Kasserine Rearguard Mods by Kohlenklau

These mods are required for the CMFI scenarios for Kasserine Rearguard.

Terrain from CMSF and some I adjusted with photoshop.

Vehicles by Egger and pappagoat.

Horizons by MikeyD.

US fieldjacket file renaming by pappagoat.

Background desert sound mods by waclaw.

Wadi and a few axis helmets I did.

A special “secret” sound mod I did plus a unit silhouette (you’ll see what I mean when you play the battle).



Icon of KRG Mods Rev A TITLE - KRG Mods Rev A

FILE SIZE - 151.3 MiB


5 Comments on "Kasserine Rearguard Mods by Kohlenklau"

  1. Where I can find the CMFI scenarios for Kasserine Rearguard?
    I can’t found in The scenario depot III.

  2. OK!!! Thanks…
    I will be aware!!!

  3. 40 mod folder downloads as of 18Aug2016. Which is oddly much more than the 22 downloads for the scenario which it goes to…

    No comments yet? Anybody play it at all or load the mods? 😀

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