Ithikial’s Combat Mission Victory Calculator (Version 2)

One for the scenario designers.

Ever wanted an automated way of working out all the possible outcomes for a scenario you are designing before you’ve reached testing?

This little Excel workbook does the work for you. Plug in your scenario victory conditions just as they would appear in the editor and play around with possible Victory Point scores for both sides to see what the final outcome of the battle will be.

Instructions (what little there is besides entering some point values), are included as comments inside the workbook. Hover your mouse over the red mark to see what goes where. The workbook will auto calculate whenever you enter the appropriate numbers.

The Combat Mission manuals and JonS’ excellent Scenario Design Manual cover everything else about assigning point values and what they mean in game.

Hope it saves you some time.

(And the scenario editor doesn’t bite) 🙂

Icon of Combat Mission Victory Calculator V2 TITLE - Combat Mission Victory Calculator V2

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2 Comments on "Ithikial’s Combat Mission Victory Calculator (Version 2)"

  1. The Steppenwulf | 2nd January 2018 at 20:50 | Reply

    If the points awarded to each side are more than the 4/1 (& 80% of total points won condition is met),instead of displaying major victory, it displays minor victory instead. Therefore I think the formula when handling over 4/1 is inexact.

    • Oops. Think I found the bug. It’s when Red Force has a higher points score right? Anyway Version 2 uploaded. Please download and try again. Some other tweaks included around formatting and giving a degree of victory/loss for both sides.

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