Aris CMFB Terrain Mod

Aris CMFB Terrain Mod 1.0

For the creation of this mod, possibly the most challenging I have ever attempted (and I have not finished, far from it), I have tried to find and use photoreal textures of mud, dirt, soil of any type, all of them Hi-Res but trying to keep a balance with performance. HD looks gorgeous but this is a wargame not a postcard! It has taken me many many hours and hundreds of tests to find something that improves vanilla CMFB. Wasn´t easy. Battlefront terrain textures are way better than in their first CMBN.
I consider this to be version 1.0. I still will include more textures in the future but the task is often daunting, so I will leave it at 1.0 for now. Stay tuned though as I will update it not far in the future. I know there are certain textures that are still to be modded. If you like the mod you will have to be patient;).
This mod is released with no shader modifications of any tipe. It´s just textures.
I am sure some of you would love to have certain textures slightly or totally modified. Sorry, this is what you get. I like it this way, and what I don´t I will improve it in the future. Enjoy what you get 🙂
I would like to give Worghern a big THANK YOU. He was kind enough to allow me to use some of his textures (snowy roofs) in this mod. They look gorgeous. It´s so nice to have such talented artists in the community.


You have to download 3 files:

a. Aris CMFB Terrain Mod A
b. Aris CMFB Terrain Mod B
c. Aris Terrain Mod Grid (This is optional)

Go inside the Data folder in you CMFB installation and create a new folder called “Z”. Extract both “Aris CMFB Terrain Mod A” and “Aris CMFB Terrain Mod B” to Z. If you want the snowy terrain to have a grid for improved visibility then unzip “Aris Terrain Mod Grid” and overwrite the textures in “Aris CMFB Terrain Mod B”, (I have tried to create snow tetures that improve visibility in contours and slopes anyway…).

That´s it. Done,…phew,…hard, huh? 😉


This mod was tested and made using Benparks white trees. I strongly invite you to download them. They blend nicely with my mod. Good job mate.

benpark’s CMFB Snowy Trees

7th of May,2016

Icon of Aris CMFB Terrain Mod A TITLE - Aris CMFB Terrain Mod A

FILE SIZE - 184.7 MiB


Icon of Aris CMFB Terrain Mod B TITLE - Aris CMFB Terrain Mod B

FILE SIZE - 489.6 MiB


Icon of Aris CMFB Terrain Mod Grid TITLE - Aris CMFB Terrain Mod Grid

FILE SIZE - 52.4 MiB


4 Comments on "Aris CMFB Terrain Mod"

  1. Any else having issues downloading the second part of this ? …. Aris does great work but I can’t seem to get hold of it … lol

  2. I am having trouble getting the mods to show up in the game. I have created the Z folder inside my Data folder and have extracted (unzipped) the complete mod folder into the Z folder. I have downloaded STUG STUH, PZ IV and terrain mods FOLDERS all intothe Z folder to no avail. Am I supposed move to put the individual graphics bitmap files directly into the Z folder. I don’t understand what I am doing wrong

  3. Do you recommend leaving the trees bocage brush and doodads vanilla, or using them from your CMBN mod? Thanks!!

  4. I actually haven´t tested anything in that regard, up to you I guess, decisions,…;)
    Seriously, I wish I had some more free time in order to finish this pack properly.

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