CMRT Stalingrad MOD by NigelP and Umlaut

Stalingrad: Not One Step Back

This package transforms the CMRT default urban landscape into the bombed out wreckage of military legend. Please read the installation and design notes. Some important playing advice is included in the document. Also included is an introductory scenario with some brief historical information we found while completing the project. The Stalingrad MOD requires umlaut’s factory. Without this MOD you will not have the full effect of the urban environment.


NigelP and Umlaut

Icon of Stalingrad MOD Part 1a TITLE - Stalingrad MOD Part 1a

FILE SIZE - 313.7 MiB


Icon of Stalingrad MOD Part 1b TITLE - Stalingrad MOD Part 1b

FILE SIZE - 380.9 MiB



Icon of Stalingrad MOD Part 2a TITLE - Stalingrad MOD Part 2a

FILE SIZE - 374.9 MiB


Icon of Stalingrad MOD Part 2b TITLE - Stalingrad MOD Part 2b

FILE SIZE - 435.8 MiB


12 Comments on "CMRT Stalingrad MOD by NigelP and Umlaut"

  1. Carl Enqvist | 24th April 2016 at 11:28 | Reply

    Stellar work! Truly amazing what you have done here guys.

  2. Everytime I d/l it says file corrupt.

  3. Kevin Kinscherf | 25th April 2016 at 22:32 | Reply

    Can you send me a PM and we will see what’s up.


  4. Amazing, congratulations Kevin.
    Are you thinking of doing a tournament with this mod and some historical scenarios?

  5. Actually this was a team effort started by the art work wizards NigelP And Umlaut
    Scenarios are on the way and if there is interest a tournament is not out of the question at all.

  6. I’m new to this – how does one download and use a mod and a scenario?

  7. Kevin Kinscherf | 14th May 2016 at 19:37 | Reply

    Hi there. Please PM KevinKin and we will get you up and running with this and other MODs in no time. Thanks.

  8. Kevin Kinscherf | 15th May 2016 at 03:50 | Reply

    Go to

    then to the Forum and in the top right you will see the little message envelope icon, click and send me (KevinKin) a personal message (a PM).

  9. MOD misleads players. You can see the window and can not shoot. Because the wall without Windows. But in mod the window is drawn. But understand this, when it’s too late to change the position can not. MOD is not suitable for any city. To his house specifically prepare. Otherwise there may be surprises

  10. Thanks for playing. You will need to use the LOS tool to determine where to place your formations inside building as some windows are assumed to be blocked intentionally or by damage with rubble. This precaution was outline in the Installation and design notes. It’s an limitation but the work around is not difficult and in fact provide for a realistic planning experience. Please give the MOD another try, it’s really worth it.


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