Guys… I have done a step by step video in the Instructions section about how to upload modifications.  I would REALLY appreciate it if you could actually view it before uploading modifications as some of you have uploaded them to the wrong location.  Namely the media area… which is solely for images.  DO NOT upload zipped mod files into the media area.  Thanks.


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  1. Guess that was me, sorry. I couldnt find the instructions at the time. Found them now.

  2. Recently K-Trout and Egger have been guilty. Egger has fixed his and K-Trout has been advised he needs to attach the files properly.

    If you dont do it properly your files will not show up in a search and you will have no record of how many folk have downloaded them.

    Please please follow the instructions.

  3. Sorry about that. I didn’t notice any instructions until I saw the link written at the top of the page next to “home.”


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