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Another interim update from me (Bootie), this week as you know I have been working on making the site more user friendly and such like.  Basically to cut a long story short I was setting it up so everyone could upload and manage their own mods.  Now to a degree I have all that in place but I came across some problems when setting up the member registration.  I was getting hit by a ridiculous amount of spam accounts and any attempt to filter them also cut out active accounts.  My work around for this is to manually grant access to designers (henceforth know as authors) and this will be done via a button I will get put on the homescreen to get in touch with me.  At present I have confirmed the following members as authors.  Guys… sort out your pictures!!

Snap 2016-03-29 at 00.39.09

So what this means is I have deleted all others who have signed up as ‘Subscribers’. Being a subscriber offers no benefits at all as anyone can download and comment on the mods here.

Getting in touch and telling me you want access as an author however gives you access to upload mods, create posts and basically manage all your content.

So apologies to all those who have signed up as a subscriber… if you wish to be an author get in touch and we can get you access.



Thanks for reading.


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