The Steppenwulf’s UI Icon and Silhouette mod by The Steppenwulf

Here FINALLY for download are my modified weapon & vehicle icons for CMBS.

Also included but foldered separately and labelled are some previously made vehicle silhouettes. I believe these came from the Euroscape mod for CM Shockforce.

Naturally there’s little point in redoing work that’s good but I have included these images with my work for convenience – complementary as they are to the mod.

I believe credit for the Euroscape work goes to; Donald Abrams, Gordon E. Molek, Marco Bergmann, Stagler, Mord & Paul Gulianelli.

Also included are new special equipment icons, branches icons and C&C icons. Many are entirely fresh designs, I hope the community enjoy them!

(Note that you’ll need the “ukraine” mod tag added to maps to use the ukranian HQ silhouette – I’ve added this mod tag as a .txt file ready for such use)

I should mention that Kieme has also produced some really excellent UI icons & silhouettes & I encourage players to check that work out (from the BF forums) and perhaps mix and match to get the best of both sets. I mean why not – I would?!

I will be sure to revisit this work at some point, if not before the next module comes around, so constructive feedback regarding adjustments/amendments is welcomed.

Icon of Steppenwulf - UI Icon And Silhouette Mod TITLE - Steppenwulf - UI Icon And Silhouette Mod



2 Comments on "The Steppenwulf’s UI Icon and Silhouette mod by The Steppenwulf"

  1. Harry Norton Hall III | 12th January 2016 at 13:03 | Reply

    Thanks, Steppenwulf. Excellent job.

  2. The Steppenwulf | 18th February 2016 at 23:34 | Reply

    ^ Thank you for your comment ^

    FAO all community members:- A polished second version of this mod with comprehensive improvements, some fresh UI ideas and UI options will be released shortly before the Easter break.

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