Aris/Umlaut CMFI british Shermans by Umlaut

A full set of weathered british Shermans, based on Aris’ original psd files for his CMBN Shermans. Snow and muddy versions – plus other details by Umlaut.

These are the seven Sherman types. All include normal, muddy and snow versions, unless stated otherwise:

Sherman I
Sherman II early
Sherman II
Sherman III early (no snow)
Sherman III
Sherman V early (no snow)
Sherman V (no snow)

Icon of Aris-Umlaut CMFI British Shermans TITLE - Aris-Umlaut CMFI British Shermans

FILE SIZE - 346.6 MiB


5 Comments on "Aris/Umlaut CMFI british Shermans by Umlaut"

  1. Have downloaded 3 times but would not unzip.

    • 99 downloads, 2 people can’t unzip it. Sounds like a problem on the user side. Maybe try a different unzip program?

  2. I’ve downloaded just now, unzipped fine.

  3. Same problem for me….will not unzip.

  4. Gerbils!!!!

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