US Divisional Patches_Sicily, by mjkerner

US Divisional Patched Uniforms for CMFI

(These mods were packaged in parts due to upload limits in BFC’s Repository.)

This uniform mod includes all the US divisions in Sicily and early Italy through through about the time of the Anzio battles. I haven’t gotten to the later divisions: 85th, 88th, 91st, 92nd and 10th Mountain.

Uniforms were shaded/saturated/de-saturated etc., to get a little more variety. They are great out of the box, but I just don’t like too much uniformity in uniforms!

There are several helmet mixes too.

Not all the uniforms have patches. That makes for more variety and reflects new replacements, worn uniforms, etc. I did not bother to dirty-up the uniforms. Maybe some other time.

After downloading, pick the division folder you want, copy, and put it in the “Combat Mission/Fortress Italy/User Data” folder where you put all your other mods.

Armor, Paratroopers, and infantry (Rangers/regular infantry/glider infantry) all use separate uniform textures and maps, so you can one of each type in the mod folder at the same time.

Much thanks to good ‘ol Mord for his critique and general inspiration and LongLeftFlank for his PTO Mod and letting me use his Asian Faces for the Nisei units.


Icon of US Divs 1 9 45 82 Sicily TITLE - US Divs 1 9 45 82 Sicily

FILE SIZE - 68.5 MiB


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