Fallschirmjaeger Uniform Mod, by mjkerner

Fallschirmjaeger Uniform Mod

The Fallschirmjaeger jump smocks evolved over time from the original plain feldgrau color to marsh patterns and splinter patterns, and local and individual modifications. The color or tint of the camo patterns used by Fallschirmjaegers varied from tans to greens.

The basic BFC FJ uniforms are really nice, and frankly don’t need to be modded. But I like variety in uniforms, so had to give it a try. All the marsh pattern smocks are based on nik mond’s excellent GL Tan and Marsh Pattern mod up at the Repository here: http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=314&func=fileinfo&id=2675 He kindly let me use them in this mod. Thanks nik!

I also want to credit Jorge MC for his FJ helmet mod, which inspired me to do a few different helmet bands, plus he kindly let me use his helmets in this mod. Thanks Jorge! His mod is here: http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/4887/details


This Mod has 5 folders loosely covering different periods of the war, but mostly grouped roughly according to color.

“1940” contains uniforms for Holland through Crete, with the basic feldgrau jump smock predominant but with varied hues.

“1941” uniforms have some early war plain smocks, with tan/brown camo jumpsmocks, for Crete, primarily.

“1942” for Desert-Sicily, with a mix of tan/brown and lighter green or grey/green camo smocks. (The Luftwaffe never officially issued a “desert” smock, although one was planned for the aborted assault on Malta in 1942—Operation Hercules. Some Jaegers wore the standard Luftwaffe desert uniform, but some also modified their smocks with tan-colored material.)

“1943” for Sicily-Italy-France, primarily a mix of the lighter grey/tan and lighter greens.

“1944” NW Europe and Italy.

Additional Content:
Each folder contains mods of FJ helmet, boots, and gear.


Unzip the file and choose which folder of mods you want and drop it into your “z” folder.

If you have any other FJ uniform or helmet mods, you should remove them. However, I have prefixed the names of these folders with “zzzzz” so these mods should override any other ones that you might have in your z folder.




FILE SIZE - 143.7 MiB


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