HQS 2.5

HQS 2.5 is a Huge sound modification for CM Battle for Normandy/ CM Red Thunder/ CM Fortress Italy/CM Final Blitzkrieg – adds or replaces almost all the sounds in the game. That’s more than 3,100 sounds, a lot of improvements and modifications really improve immersion in the game.


Changelog 2.5

– new gun KwK 43 L/71, KwK 36 L/56, KwK 42 L/70, M3, 15 cm sIG 33

– new small arms Panzerfaust/DT28/PTRD/MP40/MP44/PPSH/STEN/PIAT/Vickers/Mosin

– improved voice – Italian/American/Polish/British/German/Russian

– new background – snow/cold/summer/wind cold/wind snow

– new explosion/hits/zips/ricochets/penetrations/ incoming artillery

– improved vehicle loops

– new bullets and shells/impact/penetrations/ricochets/zips

– new reload

– new music


and of course lots of other fixes and improvements


Installation guide:

  1. unpack (us winrar!)
  2. Put the “HQS 2.5” in your Data/Z folder.






22 Comments on "HQS 2.5"

  1. Awesome! Thanks a lot Waclaw for doing it and uploading it here! 🙂

  2. By the way, the good old “Data/Z” folder is not recommended anymore since CLFI:GL because it is now overwritten by anything similar that is placed in the now recommended Documents’ Mods folder (for example .\Documents\Battlefront\Combat Mission\Fortress Italy\User Data\Mods).

  3. I’m having an issue with the archive, it says that’s a part of it missing (HQS2.5.part1_.r00)

    Is it an issue on my side?

  4. just in case, I downloaded the files again, unpacked and everything is ok – maybe try again (or something you messed with the file names?)

  5. One more thing, the file is packed Winrar – maybe here is the problem?

  6. I’m getting the same error. Doesn’t like the compressed .brz files. Possible to get an version with the individual files? Or switch to .zip / .7z?

  7. It’s working perfectly here, I simply had to get the actual Winrar tool.
    Other compression format would make the file way bigger and individual file can’t be handled by CMModsIII due to its size.

  8. I have a Mac and can not get these files to open correctly. I’m using both rar unarchiving programs I have (and the ones that have worked successfully in the past) and the file does not unpack properly. I tried using WinRar but that does not seem to work on my machine, or I m not savvy enough to use the command line only version they have for Mac.

  9. This is just fantastic, its a lot of work and much appreciated… I have it loaded in CMFB… should I just copy the folders over to CMBN, CMRT, and CMFI to get the same effect… Great Stuff and Thank You…

  10. StieliAlpha | 23rd May 2016 at 20:22 | Reply

    Eh, I think it works for me and sounds awesome.

    But I have seen nothing of a “.rar”-file and after unpacking with WinZip, I had three”.man”-files with something like 900Mb. Is that how it is supposed to be?

    Or do I still hear your HQS 2.1 (which I removed before copying the new one in)?

  11. Hi. I have a Mac too. The results of unpacking archive with Unarchiver is a file (1,4GB) called “packed.brz”. Is that correct?

  12. I can’t seem to be able to unzip these files. They a “man” extenstion..Whatever that is…I’ve tried several different things nothing seems to work

  13. Carl Enqvist | 24th May 2016 at 18:07 | Reply

    Great work and big thanks for your efforts and for sharing Waclaw!

    • haha.. this one still cracks me up.. recorded totally in Parkes at the old East st house.. i’m about as far from skater as it gets, and my "punk music’ experience is pretty much, overheard NOFX songs at parties.. lol.. was really fun to make though.. good ol fruityloops thumpin away like a metronome on the drums (i used to love that pr&)2am.go#8r30; pity i’m just too lazy to sit and sequence it all nowdays! 3 chord bashing is some of the most fun you can have with a guitar…. !!!

  14. AWESOME!

  15. Better late then never, thanks!!! Awesome work. Very much appreciated!

  16. Oops, that might look wrong. I mean me being late to add a thank you.

  17. CMFB v1.02 crashes on launch when HSQ 2.5 part 2 is present (Win 10)

  18. This is your best sound mod yet. I used to be apprehensive of the multiple version of each individual sound but now I am super impressed. The slight variation of each gun, explosion, etc. really adds to the immersion factor. Well done!

  19. next week will be a new version;)

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