t34577685s CMRT Soviet Uniform

This uniform mod only change the cloth ,doesn’t contain face,hemelt,and shoes. This mod doesn’t contain cavalry either,because the cavalry uniform only be used in one battle,and only can be used…

Aris All in 1 T-34 Mod CMRT

By the end of the war, the many variants of the T-34 had become the backbone of Soviet Army tank units, and went on to become the second most produced…

Jujus CMRT Flavor Objects

A small collection of new flavor object textures: bench1 bench2 chicken coop (medium & large) coal bin chicken hutch dog kennel two more oil drums. Juju

Jujus CMRT Soviet Posters

31 new Soviet posters. These replace and add to all (both German and Soviet) posters in the game. The game displays these randomly.   Juju

Umlauts CMRT Factory Mod Set Patch

A patch to Umlauts Factory Mod Set – with some horizon files that were left out in the original upload. Delete the original “horizon” folder within the Umlauts Factory Mod…