Veins V3 Special Effects CMx2

V3 of my flames/tracers/smoke/muzzle flash/explosions mod. Differences from previous versions: Tracers tweaked just a smidge (barely noticeable). Smoke is new. Flames redone from scratch. Explosions redone. Muzzle flashes tweaked. New…

Aris CMRT Horizon

Mod for the horizons or panoramic backgrounds in the game. I tried to keep saturation and brightness on par with my Terrain mod so that they blend optimally. Haze, Thick…

Aris SdKfz 222-223 CMRT

Weathering Mod for the PSW 222 and 223 Reconnaissance vehicles in CMRT. Unzip “Aris SdKfz 222&223 CMRT”to “Z” folder in your “data” directory. This is version 1.00 Aris,

Pandurs CMBB Intro Music For CMRT

this is the first 43seconds of the classical pice “night on a bald mountain” by mussorgsky its a few seconds longer then the cmbb file. in case you cant remember…

Kiemes Improved Big Russian CMRT Guns

Adds dirt, scratches, rainstains etc. to all larger russian guns. Modded guns: 45mmm42-gun 76mmm43reg-gun 85mm-52k m1943-82mm m1939-37mm zis-2 zis-3 Muddy versions included (using Aris’ CMRT terrain mud).   Kieme

Kiemes Corn Mod

Changes the texture of crop doodad number 3 (potato plants?) into joung corn plants with a few weeds. WHAT TO USE: There are 4 variations of this mod, you must…

Aris JagdPanzer IV Pack CMRT

Weathering Mod for all the Jagdpanzer IVs in CMRT. This could be considered a test mod. I have been thinking lately about the desaturation of colors of my previous mods….