CMBN Alternative Cower Animation

Alternative animation (stance) for “cower”. It´s not a new animation, rather a renamed original BFC animation file. See screenshot for difference! This is a CMBN base game animation replace, but also works for any modules, whether you have them, or not. CMFI and CMRT is untested, but might work too.

Note: Although it´s named animation file, there´s no actual “animation” working for single soldiers. Soldiers simply keep lying prone with actual weapon at the ready.

Unzip the Ani file to your games data/z folder.


Icon of Kar98k-cower TITLE - Kar98k-cower

FILE SIZE - 46.4 KiB


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  1. Additional notes: The cower stance/animation uses a single unique file shared through all the games TOE´s (German, US, CW), thus effecting friendly and enemy cower animation stance alike. This is the case for play vs the AIP on a single computer, for which this mod is intended for. The mod is completely untested for H2H/PBEM games, where one player might have the mod installed and the other not. So any feedback from PBEM players is highly welcome!

    Beside not showing the odd body bending animation for cowering soldiers, there should be no further noticable effects. The slightly decreased targetable footprint for the soldiers changed stance/animation is probably negligible.

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