Lt. Smashs CMRT Floating Icons

This mod replaces the default floating icons in Combat Mission: Red Thunder. These stylized icons are based on the U.S. War Department’s 1943 Basic Field Manual FM21-30 Conventional Signs, Military Symbols and Abbreviations. The icons have a slightly three-dimensional appearance so that they look like counters from traditional board-based war games. And, when the icon blinks (i.e., the unit is selected or wounded), the unit’s national flag is displayed.

Key features:

* Easy-to-learn symbols based on WW2-era field manual
* Selected and wounded units blink its national flag.
* Icons included for German and Soviet units and an alternate set that uses the iron ccross instead of the swastika.
* Includes optional files for Axis versus Axis and Allies versus Allies battles.
* Complete documentation makes installing and using this mod easy to use

Lt. Smash

Icon of Lt  Smash's Floating Icons TITLE - Lt Smash's Floating Icons

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2 Comments on "Lt. Smashs CMRT Floating Icons"

  1. Is there somewhere floating icons for CMRT, CMBN, CMFI in modern tactical symbols? Your icons for CMBS are the best!!!

  2. can you do them with just the background flag emblem? that would be cool also, and yes we do need them for CMRT

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