CMRT: T-34-76 M1942 Early by Oleksandr

This is my first T-34 mod, it includes early version of 1942 T-34-76 covered into pretty rare summer camouflage. Camouflages like this one (and different variations of it 3-color, 4-color etc.) were used by Guard units and were rarely captured on photo. Yet including that fact that in this game we have an entire family of T-34’s I thought that it would be a nice idea to start with some spicy thing.

Last but not least T-34 tank was developed anc constucted in Ukrainian part of USSR by the same building what built Ukrainian modern tank “Oplot” (represented in CMBS) in the city of Kharkiv on Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau.

More about this Bureau:

More about T-34 itself:

I hope you will enjoy this mod! Good luck in your battles comrades!



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