CMBS: US Marines “Day” Skins by Oleksandr

This mod adds 5 balaclava masks to american side. Furthermore, I’ve replaced all the day skins with “night” camouflaged ones.

List of camouflaged balaclavas:





Olive Green

+ I’ve replaced standard tactical gloves with new ones what In my opinion will better fit into Eastern European War Theatre.

Icon of Oleksandr-CMBS-Infantry-USskins TITLE - Oleksandr-CMBS-Infantry-USskins



3 Comments on "CMBS: US Marines “Day” Skins by Oleksandr"

  1. Hi Oleksandr,

    Great Mods, thank you. Will you be making any for CM WWII games? Would be great if you did.

    Keep well. fred

  2. Oh I would love to, the only thing is that there are no ww2 game what I would like at this moment in this series. I’m not interested in Western front and Eastern front represented by “Red Thunder” is sort of downfall of the war. I would play WW2 Combat Mission Game if it would be covering 1939-1942/43 when Germans were in full power and it was hell fighting them. Thats why I like this game because to win as a Ukrainian army commander here you need to try real hard. P.S. Im playing “Iron” mode of difficulty.

  3. Hey Oleksandr, thanks for listening to and using my advice. For your next mod could you just make a more detailed regular U.S. force, including a few basic balaclavas. I’m not really that fond of whole armies of elite units fighting each other.

    Thanks again. Kevin

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