CMBS: 2nd Marine Division “The Silent Second” by Oleksandr

Gentlemen this is my biggest project within this game. This is total replacement of all uniforms and gear in both slots of the U.S. Army within this game.

There were two reasons for me to make this mod:

1 – It is 242nd Birthday of the United States Marines.

2 – I was thinking about what unit would be able to make a difference in a conflict what took place in this game.

So here it is – > 2nd Marine Division in Combat Mission: Black Sea.

A little about this mod – at this point it is version 1.0 (meaning the very first version of this mod) and it includes:

“Standard” Uniform is now MARPAT

“Brown” Uniform has 3 unifroms in it and those are patterns used by MARSOC (and yes you now have an opportunity to command MARSOC forces)

So regular MARPATS for “Standard” uniforms and at this moment 3 versions of MARSOC uniforms for “Brown” uniforms.


Gear was reworked almost completely – few things will come as additional mods when I will be done modding them.

Now all the ground forces (Crew teams are waiting to be modded) wearing olive colored helmets (overall gear for this mod was picked in order to fit Eastern Europe terrain.

Those helmets are not simply repainted and retextured – now they are carring infromation about blood group of each soldier. Some soldiers are wearing patches with Merican (and no there was no mistake in a word “Merica”) flags.

All gear is retextured accordingly – Standard uniform has its all elements covered in MARPAT, while Brown uniforms… well its complicated here. The thing is that MARSOC Raiders are using different kinds of gear, they can have lets say M81 or woodland camo pants with gray top and olive chest rig and so on. So they do exactly the same in this mod – wearing gear which is randomly mixed (but the mix itself is inspired by thing being used in reality).

Little things: Patches are picked accordingly to the name of the unit – raiders are wearing their stuff, regulars wearing their stuff. Dirt and dust added to uniforms, and helmets.

NOTE: This mod will not work along with my Canadian Light Infantry mod because it replaces all infantry units of the United States represented in the game. So if you want to use this mod you need to delete Canadian mod at first.

Plans: Obviusly this is only the very begining, I’m working on additional elements of the gear, I’m planing to rework skins, footwear, all the weapons and even vehicles within time. This mod will be updated from time to time (for better texturing, more uniforms and details and so on). Working on a mod like this is a huge excitement because recently we were celebrating US Marines B-day and that was my primary insparation. I hope you will enjoy this mod and you will lead your men in combat with pride and honor.


Icon of Oleksandr-CMBS-Infantry-2ndMARDIV TITLE - Oleksandr-CMBS-Infantry-2ndMARDIV

FILE SIZE - 35.1 MiB


6 Comments on "CMBS: 2nd Marine Division “The Silent Second” by Oleksandr"

  1. Fo you think you could and goggles and rolled sleeves eventually?

    • Googles maybe on a skins – not on helmets, rolled sleeves – nope I don’t think I would be able to. But I will retexture all the gear to more detailed versions, I will do more work on helmets, and I will probably rework all the weapons accordingly (skins, paint finish, etc.)

  2. Do you think you could add goggles and rolled sleeves too?

  3. For future US skins could you add facemasks/balaclavas? And in general can you add more variation within camo patterns like you did with this one?

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