CMBS: Ukranian T-64BV Digital Camo by Oleksandr

Working horse of Ukrainian Armed Froces, and one of the 3 main platforms which are used and modernized by Ukraine. There are many different variants of its modernization but BV version of it serves as a base model at the moment. Since it is quite simple yet, powerful thing I’ve decided to make a reskin of it.

It has 125mm main gun what is a great thing against any armored vehicles (which also can be used for “Kobra/Cobra” cannon-launched, guided projectile).

Despite being an old peace of hardware it can still be effectively used along with other vehicles+indantry.

Here are some more photos of it. I hope you will enjoy using it in your battles.


Icon of Oleksandr-CMBS-vehicles-T64BV TITLE - Oleksandr-CMBS-vehicles-T64BV



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  1. the stock modelsare so bad for poor ukrainian

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