Sound mod for CMBN, CMFI, CMRT, CMFB

Changelog 2.6

1,500 new sounds:

  • “Canadian” voice
  • More new sounds for the American, Polish,Italian,British,German and Russian infantry and more new sounds death
  • More ricochets / penetrations / impacts / explosions / zips/incoming artillery/hits/ricochets
  • Improved ambient sounds
  • Italian ambinet (unpack and raplace Z/HQS2.6/background )
  • Improved small arms
  • and of course lots of other fixes and improvements

Please unzip winrar!













12 Comments on "HQS 2.6 CMBN, CMFI, CMRT, CMFB"

  1. Many thanks for keeping up to date 😉

  2. Hi, I downloaded all the v2.6 files. They all have the extension “.man”.
    I am not sure what to do next.
    How do I activate them?
    Any help much appreciated

  3. 1.use WinRAR to extract the files
    2.and paste Combat Mission/Data/Z(Create a folder with that name)
    3.have a nice game

  4. Waclaw,
    Thanks very much – excellent Mod!
    Happy New Year to you.
    With kind regards

  5. Magic! Love you BS one, thanks for updating your WW2 one!

  6. Thx!
    by the way, I am currently working on the French language for CMFI

  7. Hi Waclaw

    Sorry, I still do not quite understand. Do I need all 11 rar-files? If I unzip one and then the next, I get a message that the file already exists.

  8. You need 11 files and unpack one of them – the rest will extract automatically – use WinRAR

  9. That easy….

    I should have found out myself. But then, asking is easier. 😉

    Thanks, Waclav. And “Thanks” for the great mod, of course!

  10. Thanks for all the hard work but I do have, hopefully a small constructive criticism. I noticed some of your sounds are hard limited and come out a bit distorted. The dynamic range is pretty slammed so they sound clipped. If you have access to the source files maybe use less hard limiting? Again, thanks for assembling all the sounds and you can have your mod be any way you like, I know its a ton of work but I just wanted to let you know. 🙂

  11. with the change of distances from the source of the sound you hear sometimes crackling, but it is not the fault of the sound, but the game engine, sometimes low fps distorts the sound (shooting series) – unfortunately I can not do anything about it

  12. Following error message when trying to unzip hqs-2.6-part01 :”Could not extract the file “HQS 2.6/bacground/background day combat [cold].wav”: The archive file is incomplete”

    I am on a Mac, so I am using The Unarchiver application to extract the .rar

    Using HQS V2.5 at the moment with no problems. Will wait for an answer before continuing with the download.

    Have a great day. F

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