Sound mod for CMBS/CMSF/CMA

Changelog 2.4:

– 2,600 new sounds:
– Arabic voice
– British voice
– German voice
– “Canadian” voice
– new sound: M203, M4A1, AK-74, AKM, AKS-74U, M249, l85a2, sniper rifle, KPVT, D10-tunk gun, U-5TS-tunk gun, L30A1-tunk gun, anti tank missile launcher, AT-4, RPG-7, Mk 153 SMAW, SPG-9, L21A1 RARDEN, 2A28 Grom
– Improved M256- tank gun, 2A46M- tank gun, ZSU-23-4, M240B, M1128MGS, GP-30, reload
– M1A2 Abrams, Leopard 2a5 engine,
– more new sounds for the American, Polish and Russian infantry and more new sounds death
– More ricochets / penetrations / impacts / explosions / zips/incoming artillery/hits/ricochets
– Improved ambient sounds
and of course lots of other fixes and improvements















13 Comments on "HQS 2.4 CMBS, CMSF, CMA"

  1. Please unzip winrar.

  2. Thanks Waclaw! Your soundmods are an absolute MUST HAVE for me! Thanks for your work.

  3. I love you 😉

  4. Not get any more of my money | 29th December 2016 at 15:07 | Reply

    You gotta give it to Waclaw, he brings up valid points about how BFC is really just recycling content at this point charging the fan base a arm and a leg for the same regurgitated stuff. Then gets banned for speaking the truth that everyone else is so scared to confront them about. Here he is still improving the sound aspect of their games that they gave up improving upon due to guys like him doing their work for free.

  5. Thank you Waclaw!

  6. Devs haven´t updated the sound files for over 10 years but keep releasing new games (aka “reskins”). Download this if you finally want to get some good sounds in your CM game.

  7. Download is Broken

  8. I do not understand, everything works.

  9. Anyone else having issues trying to down load this I get HTML page with loads of funny shapes on it and no download.

  10. GRANT M THOMAS | 25th February 2017 at 06:39 | Reply

    Working fine. What an awesome noise.

  11. To use this download. you will need Chrome. it will not download with firefox

  12. Thank you Waclaw for all your work, it must have taken ages to put together.
    Very well made mod I am enjoying it a lot.

    For those having problems downloading and/ or extracting the mods files. I got this to work finally after having issues with both downloading and extracting.

    * Download with explorer (I used Microsoft Edge with win 10) – fire fox would not download for me.

    *Extract parts 1-10 all at ONCE with winrar into a folder on your desktop – tried several other extractors with no success, so as I said use winrar.

    *If you try to extract the mods .rar files one at a time you get a need “next volume error” so they must be extracted all at once.

    Worked for me so it may for others.
    Good luck and hope someone finds this helpful, oh and download the mod it’s awesome.


  13. Yeah – looks like a failed migration 🙁

    If anyone has the mod, I’m happy to upload it here.

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