CMBN Uniform-Heer Mod

CMBN Uniform-Heer Mod V1.0

This Mod covers all the Heer stuff.

There are some more stuff I plan to put up related to Heer, such as tag Mod’s for the smocks, so if you want to see more camo smocks you will be able. Also I will put up a tag Lehr Mod. However keep in mind I am slow…………. have 2 real jobs to do first….. LW and SS are being worked on.


Icon of CMBN Uniform-Heer TITLE - CMBN Uniform-Heer

FILE SIZE - 171.9 MiB


5 Comments on "CMBN Uniform-Heer Mod"

  1. Dear ezjax,
    Thanks so much for posting these excellent mods.
    They really do enhance Combat Mission game play and I for one appreciate the skill and effort you have put into putting all this together quite apart from all the other ones you have done.
    All the best

  2. NP, Your welcome…… My computer always seems to be out of tune with everybody else but, if I don’t here to many complaints then I will upload some more stuff.

  3. Updated Mod now up, Any problems just drop a note, I will try to fix.

  4. Thanks for your mods, use them all the time!

  5. Thanks, Trying to get more up … just can’t find the time.

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