Ithikial’s CMFB United States Snowy Uniforms

This is a collection of US infantry, vehicle crew uniform and gear textures that provides a ‘dusting of snow’ over the base textures from Combat Mission Final Blitzkrieg. It was inspired by Umlaut’s work with the German Uniforms in Fortress Italy. Ever since using those files, going back to clean uniforms while fighting in a snowstorm has appeared a little off.

The base textures are 99% from the Final Blitzkrieg base game with a handful of others from the community for increased variety in the snow set. Special thanks also to Umlaut for giving permission to use his CMFI Uniform snow effects where applicable.

All files in this package are already mod tagged, so the snow textures will automatically appear each time the ground conditions of a battle is set as ‘Patchy Snow’ or greater.

I live in one of the hottest climates on the planet and have spent a grand total of six days of my entire life in snow. If there is any snow grogs out there with suggested improvements just let me know.

Icon of US CMFB Snowy Uniforms And Gear TITLE - US CMFB Snowy Uniforms And Gear

FILE SIZE - 116.5 MiB


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  1. Gday Ithikial, my name is GT, and I am a fellow cm player. I am slowly working my way through your AARs. I am a Queenslander. What icon patch do you use?

    • Icon patch? UI? In that case it’s JuJu’s UI Mod. (Should be able to find it here for all WW2 CMx2 titles). For the floating icons I don’t use any except for CMRT where I switched the Russian’s ‘Allied Green’ to a red background. I think BenPark did the mod.

  2. I first noticed that the floating icon for the German HQ ,was a large stylized “HQ”, while watching “Smoke em if you got em”. Nice and clear. Also, your dashboard, showed much improved illustrations of all of the weapons.

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