Battlefront Official Briefing Templates – CMBS

I take no credit for this material.

Grouped here is the official briefing material from Combat Mission Black Sea. These were originally available on the Battlefront Repository, however appear not to have been transferred over to the new CMMODS.

All files are in .psd format and will require photoshop or a similar program to access. The open source program with the .psd plugin is also an option for budding scenario makers.

Icon of Official Briefing Graphics Templates (CMBS) TITLE - Official Briefing Graphics Templates (CMBS)

FILE SIZE - 18.2 MiB


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  1. The Steppenwulf | 7th January 2018 at 15:49 | Reply

    These templates as released don’t have the text descriptions for Russian or Ukranian units only US. Has anyone “engineered” missing templates from scenarios by any chance?

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