BarbaricCo’s CMBS Winter Mod Bradley M2A3 by BarbaricCo

As CMRT theatre is basically in the same area and share many textures with CMBS if you download:

Winter Mod terrain and shaders Pack

BarbaricCo’s War Movie ADVANCED TERRAIN PACK for CMRT Winter Mod by Kohleklau

Winter Mod complete snowy roofs

BarbaricCo’s CMRT COMPLETE Winter Mod Snowy Roofs by Kohlenklau

Winter Mod Paved Roads and Highways

BarbaricCo’s CMRT Winter Mod Paved Roads and Highway by Kohlenklau

Winter mod Bunkers, additional grounds, crates, destroyed trees and stumps

BarbaricCo’s CMRT Winter Mod Bunkers and more by Kohlenklau

Waclaw Winter Sound Mod

waclaw’s winter sound mod for CMRT Winter Mod by kohlenklau

put everything in z folder. Then in scenario editor open some .btt scenario or QB map, tag it with [snow], change weather conditions and some grass with dirt, save it with new name – you will get winterized CMBS environment.

There are some modern elements still in summer mod and some textures don’t fit well. Also there is still no winter jackets for infantry.


– Place the Mod in the “z” or “mods” folder. Tag some of your scenarios with [snow] and have fun!


If You are experiencing problems, delete the mod from the “z” folder!


Battlefront, for making this unique game.

For more info and complete list of vehicles, infantry and scenery CMBS Winter Mods visit:

Icon of Winter Mod Bradley M2A3 TITLE - Winter Mod Bradley M2A3

FILE SIZE - 12.2 MiB


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