Aris M8 HMC for Gustav Line by Aristoteles

Photoreal weathering added to the stock graphics.

***Gustav Line Module Needed***

The Howitzer Motor Carriage M8, sometimes known as the M8 Scott, was a self-propelled howitzer
vehicle of the United States, developed on the chassis of the Light Tank M5. Its armament consisted of
a new open topped turret armed with a 75 mm M2 howitzer (later an 75 mm M3 howitzer which were
reworks of the M1A1 pack howitzer). In most units the M8 HMC replaced the interim T30 HMC.
Available beginning… September 1943
Formations equipped… Cavalry and reconnaissance units, armored infantry battalions

UNZIP “Aris M8 HMC GL” folder AND DROP IT TO z.


Icon of Aris M8 HMC GL TITLE - Aris M8 HMC GL

FILE SIZE - 22.2 MiB


2 Comments on "Aris M8 HMC for Gustav Line by Aristoteles"

  1. Gorgeous looking mod.

    Do you think this tank model is in fact the M8A1? I couldn’t find many helpful images with a quick google, but this page implies so…

  2. Yes, I think it is actually an M8A1,..

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