10 Comments on "HQS CMBS 2.3 by Waclaw"

  1. Just awesome!

  2. I forgot to add in the name – this is also a version of mods for the CMSF and CMA

  3. how do I install theres rtt files in there not sure how this works?

  4. installation – unpack and paste: Combat Mission / Date / Z(create folder)

  5. Get unexpected end of archive error on this and cmbn mod. is it an error on my end? any one else getting this ?

  6. Please remove this version – I would like to add another;)

  7. Have you uploaded a working version yet Waclaw, would love to use this mod. Thanks.

  8. unfortunately I can not log on; (
    I try to reset password, without results. A shame, because I did a lot of fixes and improvements, and I can not share it with you; (

  9. You havent signed up for CMMODSIII yet…

    Everyone who has signed up is on the authors page…. without signing up you cant log in.

  10. Any issue uploading files now that you are an author Waclaw?

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