cmbn sfx compilation v1, by lacroix

i am NOT the maker of these sounds (.wav ) ,not single one of them. they are made by

Their Mods:
jorge Mc sound mod v3
HQ 1.5
SFX 1.25
Oddbals Sound mod

hopefully none of them would object this mod, if they do i will remove it ASAP
(it would just take too long to contact four of them)

imo best of all worlds
You might not see difference between this and HQ 1.5 if you are kinda new to the game/mods but if you played HQ 1.5 for some time you Will* notice difference

70% of sounds are from HQ 1.5
30% are all other mods

Some Files were just copied, some were deleted because again in my opinion were not so good/too loud for their nature (like zips from hq 1.5 )
Some files were renamed to put them in different roles
All in all i butchered all mods to get best results and as much as possible realistic/nice sounding atmosphere

3 Comments on "cmbn sfx compilation v1, by lacroix"

  1. HI,
    Great job with the new CMMODS, really appreciate all the work you put into this. Been a while since I played CMBN, so thought I’d refresh some of the mods and add a few more. This sound mod looks interesting, but there doesn’t seem to be a download link. Any chance you can fix this? Or is it breaking the current upload limits?

  2. This is one of the mods that was migrated from the old site. It looks like it is one of a few that had an issue getting over.

    Really all we can do now is ask around if anyone has a copy – then we can get it reinstalled here.

    (As a last resort, if we’re desperate, I can go looking in backups)

  3. in the next couple of days i will remake the mod (or more honestly said : re steal the files from the mentioned people), hopefully all the files are still existing on the internet

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