VM’s British Unit Skins, by Vincenzo21

Hello All

This is my Historical British unit Skins
I have re skinned all the uniforms/equipment for the British.

I have made 3 different versions:

1.Tan Gear (Webbing,Straps,Uniform,Equipment are all in Tan)

2.Olive Gear (Webbing,Straps,Uniform,Equipment are all in Olive)

3.Mix Gear (Webbing,Straps,Uniform,Equipment both above are mixed in one)

you can use only one of them in the Z Folder at a Time.

Installation in readme.

The Leather Jacket on the JR Officer is not mine its Vien’s, and the patch not shore who made it.Besides from that everything else is my custom skins.

Icon of VM S British Inantry Skins TITLE - VM S British Inantry Skins

FILE SIZE - 50.6 MiB


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  1. Excellent work.

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