London Irish Rifles Mod v1.00, by Blimey

London Irish Rifles Mod – v1.0 (CM:GL 2.00)

You need CM:GL.

This download contains a rar file of

– amended M37 uniforms, helmets, voices and face files to represent infantry from the London Irish Rifles, 56th (London) Division.

PLEASE NOTE – It replaces Brit M37 uniforms, faces, voices and helmet files. Other Brit mods affecting these files will need to be disabled.


Default Div Patch is the 1st LIR, 56th (London) Division. Cat patch.

Optional – is the 2nd LIR of 38th Irish Brigade, 78th Division.

The Mk2 helmet is replaced by the Mk3 as IMHO it looks more like the netted Mk2 worn by some Brit troops in Italy [if you want the Mk2 back delete the MDR files incl in the mod].

CREDITS – This mod uses lots of work by Aris, Ben Park and Vein as a base. All credit should go to them.

Icon of London Irish TITLE - London Irish

FILE SIZE - 67.6 MiB


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