Nisei Units-100th Bn and 442nd RCT, by mjkerner

US Divisional Patched Uniforms for CMFI: 100th Battalion and 442nd RCT

This uniform mod is in honor of all the Nisei-Americans who fought for my country in WWII. You all know they had an extremely tough row to hoe just getting into battle to prove to the rest of the country that they were “worthy” of doing so, while there loved ones lost homes and businesses and put into internment camps. One from the 442nd was my neighbor about 35 years ago. Quiet, unassuming, and had a killer garden. Thank you for your service, Mr. Toki, and rest in peace.

There are two versions of Asian faces for the 100th Battalion and 442nd RCT. LongLeftFlank kindly informed me that the Asian faces used in his excellent PTO Mod were done by Coon Dog, who has been missing on the boards for a while. I was unable to contact him, but I hope he will be OK with me using his faces here. Coon Dog’s faces were done for CMBN, however, which doesn’t have “bump (or is it normal–I forget) mapping”. In CMFI, the mappings literally map the contours of the picture/texture bmp file, so eye sockets, cheekbones noses and other contours “reflect” the light better…or something like that. Anyhoo, putting a CMBN face texture on a CMFI face map causes funky-looking faces because the contoured map doesn’t line up with the facial features artwork.

So, I made two sets for you to choose from. “Asian Faces I” are CMFI faces with simple coloration changes so as to at least set them off from the more paler Caucasian faces in the game. “Asian Faces II” are LLF’s CMBN ones. Take your pick and put whichever one you prefer in the “Combat Mission/Fortress Italy/User Data” folder. You know, where you put all the other mods.

The uniforms were shaded/saturated/de-saturated etc., to get a little more variety. They are great right out of the box, but I just don’t like too much uniformity in uniforms! There are several helmet mixes too.

Not all the uniforms have patches. That makes for more variety and reflects new replacements, worn uniforms, etc. I did not bother to dirty-up the uniforms.

After downloading, pick the division folder you want, copy, and put it in the “Combat Mission/Fortress Italy/User Data” folder where you put all your other mods.

Armor, Paratroopers, and infantry (Rangers/regular infantry/glider infantry) all use separate uniform textures and maps, so you can one of each type in the mod folder at the same time.

Much thanks to good ‘ol Mord for his critique and general inspiration, and Coon Dog (in Abstentia) for the faces.



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