Italian Weathered/Wounded Faces CMFI, by Aristoteles

For others convenience I’m uploading Italian weathered and wounded faces as used by me. All credit to Aris as he is the creator, I have only renamed the files to show up for the Italian forces in CMFI/GL.

Go inside the Data folder and create a new folder ( if you haven’t yet) called “Z”. Because “Z” comes after the names of the standard game files (“Version XXX”) you are guaranteed that any mods you put into the “Z” folder will be loaded and used by Combat Mission.

Unzip and Drop “Italian Faces” in your Z folder. Have a look at the files and remove any that you don’t like. Remember to rename the files so that they are in sequential order if you decide to remove any file/files.

Icon of Italian Faces TITLE - Italian Faces

FILE SIZE - 22.9 MiB


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