CMFI GL BULGE 44 FJ/LW V1.0, by kohlenklau


Thanks for downloading the mod. It contains the mod work of mjkerner. My sincere thanks to Mark for his kind support in creating this mod.
If anything is messed up, I take the blame. Please let me know and I will get it fixed. It is hard to spot all the mistakes.

This is part 4 of a 5 or 6 part mod.

This mod better portrays your CMFI GL Luftwaffe and FJ troops as fighting in the Bulge of 1944. It is not perfect. We do not have the skeleton files to make mods for reversible winter parkas. Please enjoy the atmosphere it creates. It is indeed only an appetizer until the real CM Bulge comes out, who knows when! I am trying to have a mixed appearance to better portray the Fallschirmjager Divisions of late ’44. Some troops kitted out in the classic FJ helmet with jumpsmocks (even if they never have ever jumped from a JU-52!) and some with the regular helmets (reflect a shortage of the FJ helmet) and some in the luftwaffe 3/4 length camouflage jacket. This is based on period photographs. I have renamed files to get this to happen. The recommended scenario editor unit purchasing combos are to first get a FJ unit (battalion or company) and then purchase teams (nothing with an officer!) from the Luftwaffe infantry and tuck them into the FJ platoons. For appearance for these LW infantry teams, select only standard. This should all blend to provide a nice visual mix.

Note: The final saved date of the battle in the editor is very important for this mod to properly present itself. The date in “Mission/Data” should be December 1943 in CMFI GL. Of course fictionally you are trying to present it as December 1944. But CMFI GL currently only goes until May 1944. ***Tip: You can start off the scenario date in the editor (while still editing and purchasing units) as May 1944 and you’ll see and be able to purchase single Panthers and tuck them into a Panzer Grenadier unit. This will also let you purchase Panzer Grenadiers with panzer fausts and panzer shrecks and other May 44 TOE weaponry. Then change the date back to December 1943 and do your save. You may have to flip the date back and forth several times.

Almost everyone is wearing gloves. 1 set of hands is randomly ungloved.
Boots are winter boots or ankle boots versus tropical boots of normal un-modded CMFI GL.
A variety of helmets. Some with camo cover, some plain, some with snow camo (whitewash).

I recommend you get a mod manager program. I have not yet but after always deleting a mod manually I now see the urgent need for an automated method to change mods.

OK, now you need to get the other parts of the mod. Part 1 is Waffen-SS and part 2 is Das Heer. Due to some issues finalizing this part (FJ/Luftwaffe) I have uploaded US Army as part 3 and so this is part 4. Another reminder that you cannot load Heer or waffen-ss at the same time, either or but not both at the same time due to filenames they share. This part, Part 4 (Luftwaffe/FJ) CAN be loaded at the same time as part 1 or part 2. FJ troops fought with 6th SS Panzer Army and the heer army troops, so it is historically accurate to make a scenario with them both fighting against the US. Part 5 is the Belgium horizons and the flavor objects such as roadsigns. I think there will now be a part 6 to get non-US allies winterized. Heads up that if you play the heer mod with this mod you might see some army helmets on some of your Luftwaffe troops since the program seems to use those helmet filenames on luftwaffe troops. You can avoid this by not mixing in the luftwaffe teams into your FJ units when combining FJ mod with the heer or waffen-ss mod. Get it? PM me if you are confused.

Rememeber, whenever you want to go back to regular CMFI or CMFI GL, all these parts need to be pulled out of the mod folder. Or your troops in July 1943 Sicily will be wearing snow camo! Now you see why you definitely should track down a mod manager! I currently recommend JSGME, Jonesoft generic mod enabler. Google it.

If you have any questions, please PM me.


one last thing, we did not mod the tank and assault gun crew uniforms.


FILE SIZE - 62.9 MiB


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